Coralville fish store in the NY Times

IOWA CITY – On the Fourth of July, the New York Times op-ed page had a piece on a tropical fish store in Coralville devastated by last year’s flood.

Now, the store has reopened in a new location, thanks to a lot of help from people in the community and beyond. One has to think that the perseverance of store owner Ed Fisher was a key factor, too.

Author and Iowa Writers’ Workshop Director Lan Samantha Chang wrote the story. To read it, click here.


One Response to Coralville fish store in the NY Times

  1. Anne Tanner says:

    Thank you for posting this. For those of us who are still working on flood recovery, it was a really big boost to see this article, especially considering the prominence of the author. Volunteer teams have been coming in from all over the country this summer, paying their own expenses, to help restore small businesses, apartment complexes, lawns and gardens, and a few homes. We owe them all a great vote of thanks. If any local people would like to help, contact Mark or Carol Martin through the United Way at 338-7823.

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